Real Wedding Ceremonies

There is nothing like seeing what other couples did at their wedding ceremony to uplift you and inspire you to create and shape your own. Take a look at some of these amazing ceremonies from all over the world, taking place in a variety of settings; gardens, beaches, woodlands, with the common theme being that each couple made their ceremony, their own. Get inspired now!

This awesome couple wrote their own awesome ceremony and you’ve got to check it out

It’s stories like this, that make me bloody love the internet. Stories like that of Stacey and Robby, a loved-up pair of self-confessed nerds (they’ve even got their own awesome nerdy blog), who when deciding that they wanted to write their own wedding ceremony, they came across Engaged and Ready and used it to help […] Read more…

A tartan-filled, dog-loving ceremony in a rustic, countryside setting

Laid-back cool couples, have laid-back cool weddings. I am absolutely certain of it. And Molly and Ross’s wedding day is living proof of that. Their whole approach to their wedding day was very organic, very natural, family-centric and thoughtful. It really made for the loveliest of wedding days in the happiest and friendliest environment. And any […] Read more…

Alex and Emma farm wedding

Emma and Alex’s pretty, awesome farm wedding

I am so in love with this wedding because simply put, there is so much to be in love with. There’s the creativity of this awesome couple in turning a working family farm into a beautiful space for a wedding. Their amazing DIY creations and made-with-love decor is simply divine, as was their stunning personalised […] Read more…

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