Victoria and Amit’s number one wedding

Victoria and Amit’s wedding was indeed a number one wedding for many reasons. Yes, it was a superb ‘A’ grade affair (more of that in a mo) but it also was literally their number one wedding, in that wedding number two, their Indian wedding, took place a month later after número uno. I know! The lucky buggers got to have two huge celebrations!

Amit and Victoria, who goes by the name of Toey, which I just love, have the best and most brilliant sense of humour. We laughed and joked all the way through out first meeting and I knew this would be the same for their ceremony and I was not wrong. Any couple who can throw a practical joke into their own ceremony, get my vote! And any couple who organise surprise readings for each other during the ceremony, one of which was written by the groom himself, well, what more can I say?

So, as always when there is the potential for me to talk way too much, let me just stop myself right now and introduce instead the work of the Talented Mr Standley, who captured every detail and emotion of Amit and Toey’s ceremony.

wedding in Marbella

How brilliant is that? An order of service with a difference. Everyone was expecting to see the normal order of service layout. Na-ah. Not with these two! This tells the guest EXACTLY what they need to know!

wedding in Marbella

Toey gets ready…


wedding in La Virgina Chapel

…and Amit waits

wedding in La Virgina Chapel

…as does everyone else…


…for the moment to arrive.

wedding in La Virgina Chapel

Such a special moment for the mums…


...and a special time for friends too.

…and a special time for friends too.

wedding in La Virgina Chapel

Love this shot! And so will this little boy in ten years’ time!

wedding in La Virgina Chapel

The candle ceremony involving your mums or another VIP is such an honour and such a wonderful gesture to them.

wedding in La Virgina Chapel


The vows that came before this kiss were sensational. Honest, funny and heartfelt.




Yup, these pretty much sum these two up in a nutshell!

Wedding_Photography_Corjito_Caballos025A beautiful end to an amazing start.

Mad love to:

Photographer: Jeremy Standley

And the gorgeous Amit and Victoria for letting me share their ceremony story.


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