Him, her and a chapel full of love

Beautiful wedding ceremony in a chapel

Carol and Ollie were infectious. No, I don’t mean they were carrying some nasty bug that made my skin itch, I mean their very beings, their energy and presence. The minute I met them, I loved them and the buzz that they had for their wedding day was so catching! That’s exactly how it was for me. I don’t know who was more excited, me or them!

I loved that they knew what they wanted for their ceremony and it was even better to see all of their personalisations come to fruition in the chapel of Palacete las Cazulas, the wonderful venue that they chose for their ceremony. They peppered their ceremony with readings that resonated with them, including Edward Monckton’s Lovely Elephant Story. With Carol’s Irish roots, they choose a wonderful hand-fasting ceremony which has Celtic origins and to personalise it even further they used a beautiful scarf that belonged to one of Carol’s late grandmothers.

I loved their order of service too, which included a cast list of all their wedding party with biographies. My favourites were;

The Father of The Bride – My daddy, steak eating legend, videographer extraordinaire, Guiness lover!

The Mother of the Groom – There’s only one Mama G. 21st century hippie, partial to dark rum, best cook ever. My mum.

Actually, they were all amazing, I just don’t have the space!

Bridesmaid – Gossip queen of Arghallon, Topshop veteran, does Beyoncé’s bum shake better than Beyoncé.

I just love all that! You can just get a sense from these how their entire celebrations were.

A special thank you to Darragh Casey for his beautiful images of their fantastic wedding day and to the gorgeous Carol and Ollie for letting me share their story. x

Wedding signage

The little weddingy details


wedding ceremony Spain

I love this. Everyone crying before the ceremony! So imagine what is was like during the ceremony!

personalised wedding ceremony

It’s so great to pop in and see couples beforehand. I hope it makes them feel more relaxed, although one bride told me once that seeing me made her feel sick, ha ha!

wedding ceremony at palacete las Cazulas

Who best to give you the perfect knot but your dad?

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

I love it when dad gets to see his girl in her gown. So special.

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

What does one chat about on the way down? Not tripping up? How much you love each other? Telling your daughter how beautiful she is? Who knows?

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

So lovely to see what we’d been working on for a year, come to fruition.

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

The symbolic hand-fasting with the personal touch.

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

An emotional and heartfelt delivery of her vows.

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

The chapel of love

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

Love, love, love it.

wedding ceremony Palacete las Cazulas

These stunners and this photo could be straight out of the pages of a wedding magazine! Utterly gorgeous.


Mad love to the following;

Photograher: Darragh Casey

Venue: Palacete las Cazulas

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