How to write funny wedding vows

I’m glad that you are reading this post. Because if I’m right, it means you are looking to, or thinking about injecting a little bit of humour into your wedding vows, and dare I say some personality into them too. If that is the case, then well done you!

Your vows are an extension of you, after all. Your promises, your feelings, your ideals, your personality, all coming together to express your wishes for yours and your love bunny’s future. So, if part of your make up, part of who you are and what your relationship is, is full of laughter and silliness, then why not also express this in your vows too?

We are so beyond the era of solemn promises of commitment, made with straight faces and the severity of signing one’s life away! Today’s weddings are all about who we are, who we love and how we love each other, and seeing as much of that is laced with fun and laughter, why then shouldn’t your wedding vows follow in the same spirit?

Wedding vows

Your vows should be you, your life and your life on paper, that’s all! Photo by David Toms

Making it work

So, now having touched a little bit on why vows should contain some humour, let’s take a look at how to make them work.

To be honest there is no set formula. Although that said, I have created a foolproof guide which will give you a lovely set of promises that contain a little bit of humour. And this can be done by sandwiching funny things amongst a few lines of more serious/non-funny vows. I have dedicated a whole post on this and how to write the perfect set of vow promises. You cannot go wrong with this guideline, I promise. That’s my vow to you, ha ha!

Then, there is the fact that a vow can be funny not just because of what you say but how you say it. For instance, your vow may contain a little bit of sarcasm which you and your love bunny understand so well.  Or maybe your vows will be funny because you mention a funny characteristic about yourself or your love bunny and it is that that makes the vow funny.

Top tips

Don’t write your vows like you’re doing a one man or one woman stand-up comedy act. That definitely isn’t what this is about. You don’t need vows full of one liners or joke upon joke, or or funny quip after funny quip.

Don’t force the humour. Only mention something if it is true and genuinely funny. ie I promise not to be annoyed by the amount of time you spend watching football on a Sunday.

Don’t be rude.

Don’t be disrespecftul

Find the perfect balance between funny, nice and relevant

Before you write your vows sit down and think about what it is about your relationship or your love bunny that makes you laugh or is funny. Then when you’ve made a list, narrow the list down and choose your favourite ones to incorporate into your vows. Always sandwich funny things around the serious, lovey dovey things. Here’s another great post, ten things you need to know before writing your own vows, which will help you to prepare your headspace before you get writing.

Funny how?

Reading what others have done before you, is a great way to get you in the mood and to give you a feel for your own vows. So grab a tub of ice-cream and dive into these beauties. These vow and vow extracts were written and said by real couples at their weddings and give a real flavour of how vows can be funny.

I promise to shoot you in the head if you're
facebook - vow extract1
facebook vow 28.08.2015

Facebook vow post

1 2 3

Beautiful, right? Funny, yes?

So you see, although all of these vows are different, they all contain a touch of humour in their own way.

So what are you waiting for? Get going and give it your best, because your best will alsways be perfect!

Good luck!

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