Ten geometric wedding ring boxes of DREAMS

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a thing for geometric wedding ring boxes. Especially, rose gold ones. Something about the glass and the metal, the industrial-ness yet soft romantic touch. Coupled with some moss, olive branch snippets, petals or some sheer fabric, OMG, I’m a fan. Such a nice way to present wedding rings. Right? And certainly giving ring pillows a run for their money!

I’ve scoured ETSY, my favourite site for handmade, heartfelt wedding shizzle and have brought to you my ten fave terrarium style, geometric wedding ring boxes. Go get your swoon on.

Please note: As an ETSY affiliate, if you purchase any item on this page I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. But rest assured even if I weren’t an affiliate, I’d still be pushing you in the direction of these amazing handmade crafters.

1. Personalised copper wedding ring box

I’m sorry but what is not to love? You can buy it at the Love and Luxe Handmade Etsy store, here.

Rose Gold Geometric glass wedding ring box by love and Luxe Handmade

2. Vintage style glass wedding ring box

That moss is killing me! So delicate and natural. Shop this box here.

3. Open style glass wedding ring box

Yes, please and thank you. Just look at how that foliage helps to show off the rings. You can shop this awesome box here.

Open style copper coloured geometric wedding ring box

4. Hexagonal glass wedding ring box

Oh the joy in this hexagonal box of love. So classy. You can shop it here.

Beautiful, cubed, simple yet stunning glass wedding ring box with a lid. Yup, I’m here for that. You can get this one here.

5. Cubed glass wedding ring box

All the yesses for this simple but eye-catching design. You can get it here.

6. Pyramid glass wedding ring box

I don’t even need to say anything, do I? Buy it here.

7. Classic glass wedding ring box

Vintage Style ✔️ Elegant ✔️ Sophisticated ✔️ Romantic ✔️ Simple ✔️ Stunning ✔️ You can shop this wedding ring box here.

8. Green house style wedding ring box

I love this – it’s like a miniature greenhouse, but for rings. So pretty, though. You can buy it here.

9. Domed roof style wedding ring box

I really love this. And when it’s closed it makes a lovely shape. Just add some natural filling to place the rings on and voila, awesome wedding ring box. You can snap this one up here.

10. Rose gold personalised wedding ring box

It’s always nice when you can add a personalised touch to a pretty piece of art. You can shop this wedding ring box here.

So there’s my top ten! Which one has caught your eye? Do let me know in the comments below. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to do any wedding ring boxes, any time soon, as I’d be having some serious first world problems right now, in deciding what to go for.

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