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When couples talk to me about their wedding ceremonies or I hear of friends becoming engaged, I am so happy for them, genuinely. For their excitement, their freshness, their enthusiasm for all the possibilities for their big day and beyond. I am so happy, but I am also so damned jealous!


I will blame everyone and everything else for my jealously. I am jealous of not having the wedding ceremony that I could have had. Not having the host of amazing resources (this blog included!) available to me to plan my ceremony, nor the presence of mind to use my own brain to THINK about planning my own ceremony. And now also jealous of the wonderful ceremonies that I get to help couples create but never had myself. Me, me, me, poor me!

Maybe I am being a little harsh on myself. This year, we will have been married for ten years (remind me to tell you about our vow renewal plans!). The wedding industry has changed a lot in the last ten years. Technology and social media has changed a hell of a lot in ten years. I remember hunting down disposable cameras for our big day, now everyone’s hashtagging their photos onto Twitter.

Times have changed and with it, there has been a seismic shift in the focus on wedding ceremonies, but there still is a long way to go. Couples are now thinking more about the type of ceremony that they want and not just thinking that their local church will be lovely for photos. They are thinking more about the content, about personal vows, about readings about who walks them down the aisle, about ceremony songs, about the tone and mood of this most important event.

So this is why I am jealous, because I didn’t have this/do this/know this when I got married. But all is well. I live better knowing that a) through this blog and my professional work I get to help so many couples have their dream personalised wedding ceremonies and b) I get the chance to do it ALL again in OUR WAY for our vow renewal. Woo hoo! So that’s what I’m currently shouting it from the wedding venue roof tops! Very excited.

I’ll be back soon for some more tidbits about my own vow renewal ceremony and other things that come to mind (wedding related, I hope!). I hope you join me.


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Natasha Johnson is an experienced Wedding Celebrant, blogger and writer on all things related to weddings, in particular wedding ceremonies. Her mission is life is to encourage couples to see the importance of their wedding ceremony and to get married in just the way they want to. Make sure you catch her on the Engaged and Ready Wedding Podcast, here or on iTunes and Stitcher.

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