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Love amongst the hay bales

Andreas Holm

Aesthetically, this wedding couldn’t have been more beautiful; its stunning location in the Spanish countryside, its rustic vintage theme, and a whole bunch of stunning people (from the inside out). And so it makes for a very special day when the heartfelt emotion of the ceremony matches and even tops the aesthetics of the whole the event, which I think it did (of course!)

I nearly didn’t marry John and Nicky. I was already booked for another ceremony and generally I don’t like to have more than one ceremony a day. With the emotional investment that goes into each ceremony, it really is too much on the heart to absorb so much outpouring of love in any one day! However, as it happened, my first ceremony was mid morning, very low key and simple and gave me enough time to de-ceremonize (yes, I just invented that word!) and re-ceremonize (and that one, too) in time for John and Nicky’s love celebrations. And boy, did I need it.

I will be honest. On paper the plans for their ceremony, were just what I ask of all my couples. Highly personalised, with their own written vows and with the inclusion of a candle ceremony involving both their mothers and live music from a friend. However, there was something about the way that the ceremony came together, the energy from their friends and family, the raw love that was transmitted to and from everyone, that was simply incredibly. It transformed the ceremony into a tidal wave of emotion that washed over every single one of us. It was spectacular, as are these photos from the lovely Andreas Holm.

I am one very lucky woman.

Wedding ceremony in Spain

Good things come to those who wait…

Wedding in Spain

Cool and calm, just as a groom should be. Beautifully decorate hay bales, too.


Wedding in Malaga

I love to watch the interaction between the groom and best man. So touching.


Wedding in Malaga

A walk with a view; the moment we’ve all been waiting for.


Wedding ceremony in Spain

The emotion arrived along with the bride!

Wedding ceremony in Spain

That’s it, let it all out.


Wedding ceremony in Spain

Live music is so emotive and gives you a chance to take stock and catch your breath.


Wedding ceremony in Spain

Saying your own unique vows to each other is one of the most wonderful, beautiful gifts that you can give to your partner.


Wedding ceremony in Spain

Hell yes, celebrate that you are now husband and wife!


Wedding ceremony in Spain

Love. Soak it all up.


Wedding ceremony in Costa del Sol

And then the fun and frolics begin…


Photographer: Andreas Holm

Location: El Molino del Conde, Malaga


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