An elegant Russian and Lebanese wedding affair

When I first met Nadia, she made me wish I had spent more time choosing my clothes for that morning and double checking that my hair was properly in place, because it never is. Nadia is just one of those women, that no matter what, exudes oodles and oodles of elegance and class, even when she isn’t trying. As she approached the cafe where we met, she just seemed to float in and I remember shifting my posture to make myself seem less slouchy, which I always am. I later learned she had been a top Russian ballerina, which explained so much. And as if she couldn’t be any more perfect, it turned out that she is such a lovely woman, too.

And so is her other half, Nadim. It was really exciting to meet them both and to hear their plans for the ceremony. I loved finding out about how they met and their different cultures and I loved more than anything that their names only differ by one letter – how meant to be is that! I loved that they bickered over details and that Nadim got a playful slap when Nadia announced they would be writing their vows and he had a bemused look on his face. I loved that he called her ‘Nadushka’ when he knew he had to get back into her good books! I loved their passion and Nadia’s fiery Russian-ness and Nadim’s laid back Lebanese-ness. So all in all, I couldn’t wait for the wedding ceremony, which naturally oozed even more class and elegance. It was, quite simply put, a modern day fairytale and I still have to pinch myself now to believe I was ever involved, even in my small way.

So, it’s over now to the super talented Owen Farrell, whose fabulous handiwork will tell the rest of the story.

Wedding day preparations


Wedding day preparations

Enjoying those girlie moments before the big occasion

flower girls at a wedding

The bride is not the only special lady on the day!





groom waiting for his bride

He didn’t want to look because he knew what would happen!

Brides maids at a wedding

How the groom’s heart must race when he knows his bride is imminent


I’m loving these flower crowns


Simply stunning




garden wedding ceremony

I don’t see brides wearing veils that often, but when I do, I think they are quite special!

garden wedding ceremony

I just love their excitement

garden wedding ceremony

There was a funny moment during the vows, when Nadim turned to me to say his vows. I gentled prompted him to turn and face his bride instead, as I was already married! He was nervous, bless him!



wedding ceremony in Spain

So much emotion…


…and laughter too.



It’s not always easy putting a ring on to someone else’s finger.

wedding ceremony in Spain

Love this shot.


wedding ceremony in Spain

They seriously did leg it back up the aisle…

Wedding Finca La Concepcion

…and now you know why. Sometimes, those private moments after the ceremony are so hard to come by.





A real life fairytale

Mad love to the following;

Photography: Owen Farrell

Planning and Styling: Andalucia Weddings

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