75 Ceremony arches that totally kick ass

I do love a ceremony arch. Who in their right mind doesn’t? I can’t think of a nicer way to accentuate a ceremony area and really show the couple off, than having a strong focal point, such as a ceremony arch. I love that people have gotten so creative with their arches too and now many arches are departing from the traditional floral arches and really taking designs to a new level.

And when I mean ceremony arches, I also mean ceremony back drops too. I recently had a ceremony which had a backdrop of hanging origami paper cranes (as in birds not construction cranes! Although, that could be an idea!!) And it made for such an awesome focal point, especially the way that the light breeze made them sway gently in the background.

The great thing about ceremony arches is that you can be as creative as you want and also spend as much or as little as you want to create something out of this world. I’ve seen some stunning ceremony arches which were as simple as two pieces of lace hanging from wooden poles to some arches which were right at the other end of the budget and adorned with 20,000 Euros worth of roses! For most of us with normal budgets(!) there really is so much that can be done for very little money or even DIY style, too.

Ceremony arches are also a really great way to get more personalisation and individuality into your ceremony space. I would love to see a ceremony arch or backdrop decorated with polaroids or photos of your loved ones. Now that would be cool and so symbolic. Or a ceremony arch using personal items that belong to the couple or made from items that they are passionate. Oh, there is so much scope, it’s too exciting and I’m not even getting married.

So I’ve been pouring over Pinterest (not like I need an excuse!) to curate a ceremony arch/backdrop board full of some of the most awesome and eclectic ceremony arch images from all over the web to throw masses of inspiration your way. So do dive in and enjoy! I loved to hear what tickles your fancy and has you breaking out in hip hop moves.

Click on the photo which will take you to a larger version of the photo with some details about it too, I always aim to be helpful! You can also scroll down the board to see the whole selection of 75 images too and if you want, feel free to sign up to the board to see when I add new ceremony arch inspo.


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