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A dress has been bought!

Yes, I know! A few weeks ago, we finally decided we will renew our vows next year after much uhmming and arrhing, and a few days later I buy a dress. Talk about priorities! But I was not looking for a dress, it simply found me. I was in fact looking for something to wear to a wedding in a few days time, which I am actually going to be attending as a celebrant and then a guest!! Very excited! I was mindlessly ambling through the shops, which is how I tend to do any form of clothes shopping and I just saw it there, in Zara of all places. There were two of them on the hanger, a large and a medium. I grabbed the medium, headed to the changing rooms. There, I fell in love.

rustic wedding dress

Put my head and skin colour on her body, take the boobs up a cup and that will almost be me next year. Taken from via pinterest. Photography Jen Wojcik

Funnily enough, when I got home and was checking my Pinterest board for our vow renewal, the almost identical dress has been pinned to my board. I couldn’t believe it, because I literally thought about the dress for about one second after pinning it and that was it. I got my dress for 50 Euros, full price. Yippee, an unintentional bargain-buy is always good for the soul.

I love my dress. I love that it’s long, that it’s flowy (if that’s a word), that it has sleeves, that it was cheap and that it’s very me.

So now with our limited cupboard and under-the-bed space, I now need to work out where this baby is going to be stored for the next year! I don’t want my husband to see it. Yes, I know, me the tradition ballbuster, adhering to a bit of tradition! Sometimes you just have to.

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