My kind of love #11 – Happiness in small things

I’m no expert in happiness. But I sure as hell know that it needs to be a big part of our lives; daily, weekly and monthly, like ALL the time. For me, most of my happiness comes from lots of tiny, inconsequential things that all add up to help make me feel good about myself and about life. I love having things to be happy about. Who doesn’t?

So here’s my list of little things that have happened this week that have led to a whole lot of happiness coming my way.

– hearing my little boy sing ‘winkle winkle little dar’

– kick starting my wedding season with two kick-ass weddings

– Finding the loveliest, nicest, sweetest au pair, whose help over the summer I could not do without.

– Having a wedding meeting interrupted to be asked if I was the singer Beverly Knight. Woo hoo.

– Drinking strawberry smoothies in the sun


Even removing that dried and crusted strawberry moustache made me happy!

– Going out with the husband and friends and getting back at 3am (with the toddler in tow too!) Badass or what?

– Listening to funky jazz, eating an amazing organic, veggie burger and drinking a huge glass of Rioja.

– Seeing my little man playing with his older holidaying cousins

– the whole household including the dogs sleeping in ’til 10am (due to going to bed at 3am!) Loved it.

– Wearing a t-shirt, with no cardy.

– These trainers that my bride actually wore. Every bride needs some bridal trainers.


Photo by Anna Gazda Limelight Photography

– Meeting an amazing wedding couple, who have some fantastically unique wedding ideas.

– Cleaning our bathroom. You don’t know how happy it has made me to be able to see my face in our mirror again .

– Being in bed by 9pm. Another off-shoot from our late night out with friends.

– Watching Game of Thrones season 5 premiere, Mad Men and Poldark all in one wonderful week.

AND my dogs NOT finding a rat and playing hot potato with it.

Now that’s a whole lot of reasons to be happy and trust me, I need all the happiness I can get at the moment, to offset smacking my new car into a bollard! Oops!

What has made you happy this week?


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Natasha Johnson

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