About our directory

What happens if I don’t get any bookings via my listing?

I will be so deeply sorry to hear if you do not get any bookings via your listing with us, however, listing with us does not guarantee that you will receive bookings. In fact, listing and being present anywhere online does not guarantee bookings or even enquiries. It is a gamble we all take with whichever advertising promotion we undertake.

All we can and do guarantee is our 100% devotion to promoting our directory, promoting your listing (especially for the Glow and Sparkle packages) and doing our best through our blog, podcast and social media presence to connect our readers and follows with awesome celebrants who advertise with us.

How do I create a listing?

If you haven’t already, go here to set up your FREE account. Once you have set up your account, you can then choose which listing package suits, you best and then start creating your listing. Once published to the directory, you can edit your listing as many times as you wish. If you already have an account, click on the create listing button, to create your listing.

What happens if I want to cancel my listing?

You can delete or cancel your listing at anytime, but this does not qualify you for a refund. Your listing can be permanently cancelled at the time that it is due for renewal, and no further payments will be made.

Will my listing auto renew at the end of the period?

No, it will not. One month and one week before your listing is due to expire you will be sent a reminder, which will ask you if you want to renew or cancel. And so you can choose accordingly.

How can I make my listing stand out?

By being yourself! Write so that you sound like you! And only use high quality professional images, where possible. Make your listing look in a way that you would want to book you! Also, once listed, show your listing off too. Share it on your own channels.

Where can I get information about your website statistics?

Right here.

Where can I read the website terms and conditions and privacy policy?

Right here. T&Cs and privacy policy and disclaimer.