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Since its launch in 2014, Engaged and Ready has grown into a strong, recognisable wedding brand, for its humour, honesty and no nonsense approach to getting married and celebrating love.

The Engaged and Ready mission is to help awesome couples to recognise what is important when it comes to getting married. To embrace the big stuff – their love, their commitment, their relationship, their wedding ceremony and future marriage, and not to stress over the small stuff – the stuff that no-one will remember.

Championing the importance of wedding ceremonies and the role of wedding celebrants and officiants is at the heart of Engaged and Ready.

Do you share these values but you’re not a wedding celebrant or officiant? Check out ENGAGED AND READY TO SHINE section at the end of this page for how we can help other wedding suppliers.

On this page you’ll find information and pricing for;

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Awesome wedding officiants and celebrants, come and join our platform and let us help you connect with the awesome human beings who engage and interact with Engaged and Ready on a daily basis. Before you delve into our available advertising packages, take a look at our blog and social media statistics below.

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The 2018 statistics reflect a year of quiet, backseat development, where Engaged and Ready stepped back from proactive marketing to carry out a complete platform re-design and product development. Now back in full effect for 2019, the blog reach and social media growth has already visibly risen.

Advertising with Engaged and Ready

Engaged and Ready champions all love, commitment, marriage, celebrants and officiants. We promote the importance of the art of ceremony, and encourage stress-free, pressure-free, debt-free, weight-loss free, mindful weddings, by helping couples to see the bigger picture when it comes to their wedding day.

Advertising with us is not just about joining yet another directory or advertising on yet another wedding website, it’s about sharing our ethos and our mission. Joining us means becoming a part of what Engaged and Ready stands for. Sharing our values, and being part of the Engaged and Ready wedding movement.

Our directory packages for wedding celebrants and officiants:

Any questions at all about the directory listings, read our FAQS



This is more than a listing – this is a comprehensive marketing package. Once you sign up for this listing, we will be in touch with you about the rest of the features for the package.


This is more than a listing – this is a FULLY comprehensive marketing package. Once you sign up for this listing, we will be in touch with you about the rest of the features for the package.

Any questions at all about the directory listings, read our FAQS



The Engaged and Ready web platform has been designed to maximise and take advantage of the way that most users use the website. 70% of Engaged and Ready visitors land directly on to a post, so we have maximised the post side bars for standalone advertising opportunities for celebrants, officiants and other awesome wedding suppliers.


300 x 175 6 month advert 150 EURO

300 x 175 12 month advert 300 EURO*

300×175 sidebar advert example

350 x 350 6 month advert 250 EURO

350 x 350 12 month advert 500 EURO*

350×350 sidebar advert example

*12 month adverts include a supplier interview feature. Advert spaces are subject to availability.


We have 3 spots available for a prestigious advert placement on EVERY SINGLE blog post of Engaged and Ready. That’s over 200 posts with some of our popular posts being viewed 1000 plus times a month.


Wedding pros now have the chance to sponsor one whole episode of the Engaged and Ready Wedding podcast, which is available for download and subscription on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. Yep, amazing, right!

You and your business will get two mentions (intro and outro) within the episode, advertised in a way which flows seamlessly within each episode. And the great thing about podcasts is that once recorded, they last forever, and each new wave of getting married couples will get to enjoy them over and over, along with your advert too.

Podcast sponsorship is by application only.


Whilst our main advertising focus in on promoting wedding celebrants and officiants, through our sponsored posts features we are more than happy to promote like-minded wedding suppliers who would like to be introduced to our audiences and have a permanent presence on our ever-expanding blog.

An Engaged and Ready like-minded wedding supplier is

Our writing style is witty and humorous, light-hearted yet punchy, and we have the ability to connect deeply with our readers through our honest and engaging writing style. We also expertly weave in discreet SEO rich phrases and terminology to maximise your online presence.

If you would like to be featured in a sponsored post, please drop us an email and let us know more about you.

We reserve the right to vett and decline sponsored post proposals and podcast applications that we feel aren’t aligned with our core values and ethos.