Times are changing, people. The days of cookie-cutter wedding ceremonies, one size fits all, are numbered.

Couples want more than that. They demand more than that. They want emotion, heart and soul. They want personal, tailor-made and unique. Love, honesty, and unity. They want a wedding day that is beautiful from the inside out. One that mirrors them and reflects who they are. They want their wedding day, their way.

If you are one of those people, then this blog is for you. You lucky guys who are on the threshold of marriage and have the desire, ambition and common sense to plan your wedding to be everything you want it to be, everything it should be and more importantly, nothing that it shouldn’t be.

The philosophy for this blog is also about keeping your wedding ceremony and your wedding day real. Keeping your emotions honest and true to you. Stripping back what we now have come to expect of a wedding day, and laying it bare, back to its core, back to its natural state of being, back to its true purpose; two people in love, making a life-long commitment to each other. Championing the beauty of personalised, meaningful wedding ceremonies, led by professional celebrants who help you to create marriage. That is all.

So enjoy my blog. See it as my wedding gift to you! Use my experience and wisdom gained from having conducted over 600 beautiful and unique wedding ceremonies and being with newlyweds to-be all of the time, to help shape and inspire you to your own your ceremony and day.

Own your wedding, people! And with that I welcome you to my blog!

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4 Comments on About this blog

  1. Love your blog. Inspired by your strength, drive, tenacity and ambition having watched your family’s journey in Spain on T.V. You represent real lives and what makes us tick as well as enjoy life. Thank you

  2. I was feeling a litlte bit lost in my creative process with starting my own webshop/blog. but when i saw you on tv (spain) i felt the energy i needed to get started again. allthough i am in a total different branch, your energy and positivity but most of all you fierceness was so powerfull that you realy made an impact. Thank you so much!!! i wish you all the luck and joy in jour personal and busines life!
    (sorry for my bad english, i am from Holland ;))

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Good luck with your venture. You’ll be amazing. Just do it! Natasha x

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