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For me to be able to share real weddings on this blog is AMAZING and an absolute honour.

To be able to help inspire couples by giving them a peak at the wonderful, personalised ceremonies that other couples before them have done is AMAZING.

This blog would not be the fantastic wedding gift that I intend it to be without REAL WEDDINGS!


I know you guys spend your time busily snapping away, but if a ceremony is awesome enough to make you stop and take notice (only momentarily, of course!), then I’m sure I’m definitely going to want to know about it.

Check out my real weddings section for a flavour of what I’m after. Or do drop me a line at for more info. If you’re sure you’ve got a winner, then do just go ahead and send me some water mark free images (30 minimum) and of course the couples’ info, as I’ll need to be in touch with them for some extra details (so do let them know too!). Credits, much love and links are due to you, of course.


Are you a kick-ass wedding celebrant, who does an amazing job for the couples whose ceremonies you conduct? If so, I’d love to hear from you and share the magic that you’ve help create and help spread the word that couples can and should be married in exactly the way they wish and that there are amazing people out there to help them do it! The photos to accompany your ceremony story would need to be visually beautiful, as well as being captured by a professional photographer. Please do check that the photographer and couple in question are onboard and drop me a line at Whether you are an independent celebrant or a celebrant affiliated to an organisation, I would love to hear from you. A link to your wonderfulness will be given to you in return.


Have you had a beautiful, personalised ceremony that you are so blimming proud of and amazed by that you would love to share with others? Sharing is caring after all and I think if you have had the ceremony of your dreams, it can be a really nice gesture to share that with others and help inspire them to love their ceremony from top to bottom. And you may not know it, but it is a wonderful thing to have your wedding ceremony memorialised in a blog. You get to day dream about it, all over again!

Beautiful from the inside out

As well, as having an amazing, personalised ceremony to share, it would also be a bonus if the venue is outdoor. Al fresco wedding ceremonies in fields, on beaches, in woodlands etc, are extremely popular at the moment. If the venue is indoor, it would be great if the venue is unique, unusual or in a quirky, off-beat location. Not much to ask for, I know!

The Engaged & Ready mission statement

Engaged and Ready is for couples who are ready (almost ready)

✔️To be a giver of no damns.
✔️To recognise what’s important.
✔️To have the wedding day that YOU want.
✔️To recognise the importance of your wedding ceremony and to make it awesome.
✔️To have the best start to married life.
✔️To not put yourself into ridiculous debt for your wedding day.
✔️To not sweat the small stuff.
✔️To not fall into the BS trap.
✔️To use Pinterest wisely (not obsessively).
✔️To not lose weight JUST for your wedding day.
✔️To remain a nice human being throughout your wedding planning.
✔️To take the time to think about what you both want out of your wedding day.
✔️ To remember why you’re getting married.
✔️To not let your wedding day control your thoughts.
✔️To be nice to all the humans helping you with your wedding day plans.
✔️To enjoy being engaged.

Do please drop me a line about the gorgeous ceremony in question, with a view to it featuring on my blog, too.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. xx

Ps. you get a shiny badge for your website too.