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Awesome Services

How can I help you?

As well as running the awesome award-winning, Engaged and Ready wedding blog, I also offer a host of other kick-ass services, all which draw on my experiences as a former BBC Journalist and/or my ten years as a working professional wedding celebrant.

So please do have a read about how I might be able to help you and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at hello@engagedandready.com for a quick chat and oodles more information.

Celebrant Consultancy

Are you a new wedding celebrant? An experienced wedding celebrant? Or a fabulous person looking to make that life-changing career move and have the most awesome job in the world? Well, you are certainly in luck because I am here to help you in every which way I can! My specially tailored consultancy packages can help you to be a better celebrant, whichever stage of your celebrant career you are at. With a strong focus on the business-side of being a celebrant, my holistic approach will help you to cover all of the important elements of not only being a celebrant but also running a viable, professional and marketable business. Want to know more? Click here and explore! (Yes, I did mean that to rhyme!)

Freelance writer and copy writer

When I was younger, I used to write letters in every instance. To let my mum know that I was sorry for not asking to borrow her favourite handbag, which I subsequently broke. To kindly ask my brother not to make-out so loudly with his girlfriend(s) when our mum and dad were out. To encourage potential boyfriends to ask me out on dates, to tell my favourite teachers I thought they were awesome, to tell my pen-pals in minute detail the day-to-day mundanities of my life, whilst doing my best to make them sound exciting. In short, I love to write and always have done and in many cases writing has been the most effective and successful way of communicating.

And so, what a joy it is to now use my skills, skills that I am passionate about to help others to get across the points that they want to get across. From writing website copy for a top UK photographer to having my own column in Confeti Magazine and writing for other wedding blogs and publications, I enjoy writing about wedding/love/marriage-related topics, and by the way, I’m damn good at it too.

Email me if you’d like me to write for you or to help you create awesome text for your own project or business.

Awesome Speaker

Having always wanted to be a broadcast journalist from a young age (thank you Trevor McDonald, Moira Stewart and Kate Adie) and fulfilling that dream aged 25, the only place I ever wanted to learn how to be a journalist was at the BBC. I even joke now that if you cut me open, the BBC will be running through my veins. As a broadcasting corporation they are second to none and they provide the most incredible range of quality news and programming over so many varied mediums.

Photo by Andreas Holm

During my time, I was fortunate enough to have received top-notch training from written communication to verbal delivery and presentation. I’m so proud to be able to call on these skills and use them to give talks about my experiences working (as a wedding celebrant) and blogger within the wedding industry. I love to talk about topics that hit the heart such as;

  • why couples needing to be more mindful when getting married
  • encouraging couples to see that their marriage is more about than their wedding day
  • Why no-one should feel pressured to lose weight for their wedding day
  • Why getting into debt, falling out with family and stress are not worth it
  • why wedding ceremonies are far more important than people realise

So that’s me covered. If you like what you’ve seen, do get in touch and I’d love to talk with you about how I can help you further.