30 Awesome Wedding Vows

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Is the weight of having to prepare your own vows too much? Is your mind blank, not to mention your notepad? Is it stressing you out that you don’t know how to get started, what to say or how to say it? If you’re nodding yes to all the questions, then these 30 Awesome Wedding Vows are for you. Of these pre-written vows, of different, lengths, styles, formats and sentiments, from traditional to modern, funny to serious, there is one with YOUR name on it. Simply read, shortlist and then select the winner. Seventeen pages and thirty vows of pure awesomeness. Finding your perfect vows has never been easier.

5 reviews for 30 Awesome Wedding Vows

  1. Rebecca Wood

    I felt a huge stress when starting my own vows and thinking are they too much, is there enough heart felt love in them, will our guests find these funny. But after reading these options I know I had got it exactly right. I love all them and how it shows you that you can keep your vows nice and simple or that little longer but they are still effective. Just fantastic.

  2. Lindsey

    What a brilliant idea!! My partner and I have been discussing what vows to have for our wedding in June but we simply didn’t know where to start. 30 Awesome Vows has finally given us a starting point. There really are vows in here for everyone and if you are thinking of writing your own vows, this gives you the base with where to start. A great selection of vows and well worth the money!

  3. Gemma

    Writing our vows for our wedding in June has been something we have probably been putting off for a while now. 30 Awesome Vows was a huge help to us and actually made the process extremely enjoyable. We followed the instructions in the book which helped break it down into manageable chunks. We both really enjoyed going through the vows and finding out what we did and didn’t want for our own but most of all we had fun while writing them! There are vows to suit everyone and in the end we decided on 14 and 20 for our own. Thank you Natasha for taking the stress out of the this task! 🙂

  4. Sophia

    This gave me lots of food for thought for our upcoming wedding. Lots of really nice heartfelt vows which I know will be suitable for my partner and I. Definitely great to have this as a guide otherwise would be hard to know where to start. Thanks Natasha!

  5. Joanne

    I have changed my vows now to one in your amazing Ebook (fab idea that x) and sent to my partner’s email for him to peruse today at work. It certainly got me thinking yesterday about how much I love him and with just the pressures of everyday life, we all unknowingly take each other for granted!! I am totally on a ‘true love’ high today thanks to your book.

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