15 Minute Wedding Vows

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This no-nonsense vow cheat is perfect for you if you are someone who wants to write heartfelt and humorous vows, but who needs and wants a bit of a helping hand. With this expertly constructed vow template, all you need to do is to add some personalised words and sentiments, and voila, you will have yourself a kick-ass set of awesome, unique vows that say everything you want them to say.

3 reviews for 15 Minute Wedding Vows

  1. Helen S

    I’ve literally just sat down and read the 15 minute vow guide, and written a set of vows – in like 10 minutes! They may not end up being the absolute final version (because I’ve since read the 30 awesome vows book & there’s some really beautiful ones in there); but honestly, it’s something that both my partner & I have been putting off because it’s felt like quite a huge and somewhat daunting task; but the guide made it so easy.

  2. Poppy L

    I am in complete amazement! Before reading the 15 Minute vow guide, I sat down and attempted to come up with a couple of lines which might resemble a loving and heartfelt vow. As I’m not really one for words, that piece of paper remains empty, oops. After reading the 15MVG, wow just wow, I cannot believe how simple and easy it is to do! I can’t wait to get my pen to paper now 🙂 A very well written and structured guide, that I would recommend to anyone and everyone wanting to write the perfect vows.

  3. Sophie Brooks

    Wow! I’ve been putting off starting to write my vows for quite a while now; every time I went to start them it just felt like it was going to be way too difficult! Natasha’s got it spot on with this; simple but so effective. My vows are now complete and I can’t wait to share them on our wedding day!

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